Why this blog?!?

I have decided to use a blog to gather evidence for my teacher registration. Many say it is not for them but I actually enjoy writing, so I may as well try and marry the two off and be done with it. I have tried blogging in the past but find that I am often distracted and forgetful and neglectful – seems to be the case with most of my life.

We are undertaking PD that is encouraging us to make sure that we have a high level of clarity in our teaching and, when possible, co-construct with students. As is usual, there is high resistance to change, mainly from myself and the little voice inside my head. As is also usual, finding the time to try and complete what is required is proving more of a challenge than I would like. This is often the nature of this profession though, so it goes.

I am thinking the best way to do this is to try and reflect once a week – though I am almost sure this will fall over fairly quickly, and if possible tag each post with the criteria it fits. All good in theory anyway.


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